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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" - Mahatma Gandhi


The doctors at Pet’s Heaven are very friendly and approachable. They have a thorough understanding of pet animals. They have treated my dog really well and he is living a healthy life now. Thanks to both the doctors.

I am going to recommend to my friends.

- Anthony

PETS HEAVEN clinic is very special to me because of their professional behaviour and kind heart towards the animals. I recommend PETS HEAVEN for 3 main reasons -
1. Here the doctors are experienced and handle the cases in a professional way.
2. They got good collection of pet accessories and food.
3. They do support stray animals in their location.

- Lakshman M
I would like to thank everyone at Petsheaven Pune for their kind, professional help with my three dogs.

My dogs are sadly terrified of Vets since they were treated without kindness or compassion by a separate and unrelated veterinary practice in Jaipur.  However at Petsheaven, all three are slowly overcoming their fears.  They have been treated successfully for minor ailments and have also now had their blood taken in preparation for their trip to the UK.

At all times the dogs have been treated with kindness and understanding.  Vitally, diagnosis and treatment has been perfect each time there has been a problem.

The important task of taking blood samples, converting to serum and the completion of paperwork has all been carried out with faultless attention to detail (crucial for preparing dogs for entry into the UK).

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Petsheaven to any pet owner looking for the best treatment for their pet.

Kind regards,

Mr Daniel Shawe. Director Deutsche Bank
Mrs Natalie Shawe.


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